The Masons exiled the mosque first, then to the bottom …

The historical Merzifonlu Mosque, which was laid in Karaköy during Fatih period, was dismantled in 1960 and filling material was made to Kınalıada ferry port. Do you know what the mosque’s only fault is? The fact that the Mason Lodge is next door …

Should the “Tayyip Erdoğan Mosque” be built in Taksim or Çamlıca?
Where should the third bridge pass or not at all?
Questions questions.
Oh, as much as we discuss what to do, let’s look at the ruined ones and discuss them.
We have historians who are sensitive to Allah, but the facts are brought to light even though it is late. Here, Süleyman Faruk Göncüoğlu is one of them. Göncüoğlu, the head of the Istanbul Cultural History Research Center, has pursued the lost heritage. Looted, left out of the squad, burned, demolished, made by the CHP pavilion historical mosque, mecsid, documents the sad situation of the complex.
Hoca, the latest fate of the Merzifonlu Mosque in Karaköy unearthed.
The historical Merzifonlu Mosque , which was dismantled by the revolutionaries in 1960 as sız resistant to moisture,, was made to fill the Kınalıada Pier.
The story of the destruction of the mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet as a mosque is interesting. Göncüoğlu explains:
“Historic mosque, earthquake resistant and was affected by moisture on the grounds was removed. Kınalıada’ya be taken and rebuilt. However, the mosque was affected by the coup of May 27, 1960. After the 1960 revolution, the brick material was used as a filling material in the construction of the Kınalıada ferry pier. Mescit 1935 te out of the squad released and was closed to worship. Then he removed in the kullanılmıştı.ihtilal is followed as a warehouse for a long time. Today that part is standing still empty. building was used as the Agricultural Bank building in front of the mosque was Turkey’s first official Masonic lodges. was brought Therefore, the structure fiddle. As a matter of fact, the structure had nothing to do with the road or its destruction. “
Meanwhile, the pulpit of the mosque was found in a mosque in Kasımpaşa …